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Summer, from The Four Seasons

Summer, from The Four Seasons

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Oil on panel by Pieter Brueghel II

(Late 16th to early 17th century)

Origin confirmed by Kenneth Jay Linsner

"Summer" from "The Four Seasons," originally conceived by Pieter Brueghel the Elder and known from his drawings and a set of prints of that subject. This painting and three others, which comprise the series in oil on panel, were tested and examined to determine if they were the work of PIETER BRUEGHEL II or a contemporary artist, ABEL GRIMMER, both of whom were know to have been allowed to copy the subjects in an official form. After extensive work with the digital microscope, pigment and stylistic analysis, it was determined that "Summer" and the other paintings were indeed the long lost copies produced by Pieter Brueghel II.

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