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Mr. Linsner acted as consultant on the restoration of the stained glass “Peace Window” by Marc Chagall  at the U.N. Nations Headquarters Building in New York

Mr. Linsner has a long and illustrious list of clients, including the late Mrs. Aristotle Onassis and her family; the Rockefeller family; the Harriman family; the Forbes family; the Vanderbilt family; the Mars family; and the Dolan family. He is appraiser of record for the estates of the late Malcolm Forbes; the late Jack I. Straus and the late Dorothy Schiff.

Corporate Clients include PepsiCo; Nomura Securities; and Polygram Records; AIG Privatbank, Zurich; AT&T; the Ford Foundation; Xerox Corporation; Mastercard International; J.C. Penny Corporation; Pharmacia Corporation; Morgan Stanley Dean Witter; Dun & Bradstreet; Deloitte & Touche; Avon Corporation; Provident Life Insurance; Nissho Iwai American Corporation; American Express; and many others.

Large law firms such as Fried Frank; White and Case; Blank-Rome; and Weil-Gotschal; as well as important clubs including the Lotus Club; the Union League Club; the Princeton Club; the National Arts and Sky Clubs have retained his services for appraisal and collection management. He is an advisor to and amicus of Tibet House, New York.

Appraisal Consultant to the Imperial Palace Museum in the People’s Republic of China from 1979, Mr. Linsner was retained in 1986 by Corazon Aquino to appraise the works of art purchased by the late President and Mrs. Marcos and to recover and sell those missing pieces. In April of 1990, Mr. Linsner was asked to give inventory and valuation counsel to the new government of Romania.

From 1998–2002, he acted as consultant on the restoration of the Paul Manship Celestial Sphere on the grounds of the Palais des Nations of the United Nations, Geneva, and the restoration of the Marc Chagall stained glass “Peace Window” at the United Nations Headquarters Building in New York.

From 2010, Mr. Linsner has acted as an appraiser to the Gift Office of the White House.

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